Wednesday, October 26, 2011

these boots are made for walkin

okay, here we go.

i've been talking often about women's sexuality, and the evolutions we, as women, go through (as individuals and a whole) in our lives.

i mean, i haven't posted too much about it, but you can find a previous foray here.

now, watch this video.
it's really amazing.

and actually, regardless of the decade, it's unbelievably sexy.

look at all those legs!
look at nancy sinatra's eyes!
look at all the fun.
fun is sexy.

and most importantly, look at how subtle it is.

all the women look healthy.
all the women look ridiculously sexy.
and also, none of them look trampy.

now take a look at this video.
it's jessica simpson's 2005 remake of "these boots are made for walkin'"
after seeing the original above (as per your homework assignment, young obi-wans)
it is unbelievably horrifying.

apparently, "sexy" between these two videos has evolved from
a righteous woman piecing together her decision to end a relationship
an undeniably trampy woman making zero decisions except to slut it up in a bar and "coyly" smile when she gets to punch someone for smacking her ass. apparently, abuse gets her off.

oh, and also, she doesn't know how to use her mouth properly.
just watch.
watch her lips.
normal functioning does not apply.
 but hey! the video's not really about her lips, anyway.
 it's about her ass. and her stomach. and the fact
that she kind of wants someone to do her now.

and willie nelson shaking his head and quietly crying that his granddaughter has chosen a career as a bar stripper with no skills
(come on, she's obviously not balancing that beer bottle on the tray.)

Even Willie Nelson knows the way in which women
have butchered their own sexuality within the past decades.

interesting, no?

my friends. my dears. my younger sisters of the world. i encourage you to think about what you want as you explore your growth and sexuality as people. find yourself as a human being before you recognize yourself as a woman.
just take your time, take your thoughts, and please, please, please, please, please
know that your sexuality does not come from a fully-fleshed stereotype at all;
You are sexy when you have found and achieved your peaceful confidence.

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