Monday, October 3, 2011

"is it bad that i just want to hit things?"

me: is it bad that i just want to hit things?

my trainer laughs. he smiles. he's eight million feet higher than me and probably two and a half times as big. he's got a mohawk. and tattoos on his face. he's got a big, happy smile and loves this happy, little girl bouncing and jumping around his studio.

warchild: not at all.

the thing i really love
the one thing i'm losing my mind over
getting chills and shivers and knocking knees
amped up emotions, anxiety attacks
is boxing.

right now, it's boxing.
(and of course some other plans I have going on.)

I'm training with Concrete Combat on Main Street now,
a small two-manned studio that packs a lot of punch.

You may recall the day I waltzed into the studio,
not having boxed before,
and now, four days in,
still kicking butt and taking names.

That is, as long as I keep myself smart and diligent.

I may or may not have worn out my body this past week.
And I may or may not have used my body in the ways I needed to.
But i persist!!

Let's talk about this studio!
CC gets major props for keeping its doors open. 
Seriously. Giant doors are thrown open to Main Street, thrown open to all those around them.

CC is lady-friendly. And by "lady-friendly," I mean, I don't feel like I'm getting shafted because I'm a woman. These trainers are intensely invested in working me to my highest potential, aiding and helping me discover strengths and weaknesses, and VERY committed to personalizing work-outs patiently to whoever shows up for a class. This rocks.

The teaching style at CC is the best. As mentioned, they understand that not everyone is a massive body-builder who has been MMA fighting for years OR has prison time as a pre-requ to boxing, (thank God.) They're gonna customize your workouts. They're gonna put you with people who will challenge you. And they're gonna let you set the limits for what you accomplish.

Concrete Combat is giving me a place to breathe. I'm able to work for myself, work on me, play around a lot, and always strengthen. My favorite days are the ones I walk in in the midst of a work-out. Jump in! Learn! Get stronger!

I love 'em. <3

Currently, the things I keep messing up that I should not be messing up are:
-- throwing punches from my hips, turning my hips as I work (i should be doing this every time.)
-- footwork
-- hooks (which are definitely getting better.)

The Things I have Achieved are:
-- kicks
-- being active about my learning
-- being invested in my education

The Things I will Work on Next Time are:
-- rhythm
-- timing
-- not getting anxiety attacks every time I train with John Platt (he kills me - his eyes are closed windows reminding me how intimidating he is. ACTUALLY - can we just talk about this a minute? This guy has me train by PUNCHING HIM IN THE FOREHEAD. Seriously. He LETS me. Do you know how disconcerting it is to PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FOREHEAD to have them not even bat an eyelash? THAT is intensity, my friends, INTENSITY.)

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