Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ode to a momma

I'm waking up in a good mood lately. :)

when i was a very young girl growing up in farmersville, texas, i had a happy childhood.
we lived in a great, big, old victorian style house, all the grace, of course, which was lost entirely on my brothers and me.

it was big.

and cavernous.

and echo-y.

and often, and by "often," i do mean perhaps, "every single morning," my mom walked through this rickety old house singing this song at the top of her lungs.

it pleased her to wake us up so joyously.

of course, the joy was lost on entirely on my brothers and myself.
we preferred to groan ansd scream and yell at her to leave our lights turned out.

but what a good mom i have!
our surly attitudes, out in full force, were no match for her love of gene kelly/her love for annoying us all so much!

did your mom ever do something like this?
 i imagine most moms being particularly chipper in the face of early-morning grogginess.

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