Monday, October 10, 2011

What's that? You shop for your Mom, too?

i started a board on pinterest called "Things I'd Love to See My Mom Wear," because,
like you, dear reader,
i too enjoy shopping for my mother. :)

ALSO. My mom is a busy, kick-ass lady.
doesn't a busy, kick-ass lady deserve a tailored, beautiful, gorgeous wardrobe?

she does.

here's my thoughts for my mom:
solid, rich, sexy colors.
fabrics that are worth it.
following looks you love (regardless of size. find the fit - get the style!)

also -- two of the looks i put on my "Mom" pinboard, i also stole and placed on my own "Reigning In" style pinboard where I focus my thoughts as to the direction of a more Allyson-as-she-is-now wardrobe.

pinterest is kind of great for collecting thoughts and sorting patterns. :)

ALSO. do you ever shop for your mom? what's your big mom-worthy styles lately? and when i say "mom-worthy" styles, i mean "i'm a kick-ass, strong, modern, powerful woman," NOT i like to take my children to after-school practice" (even if she does.) Every mom needs to be powerful withing everything, even if that everything IS taking kids where they gotta be. :)

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