Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pssst IV: Allyson West, giant FAIL

oh, i was thinking about "Said Date" recently, noticing that I hadn't anything too terribly Eventful to blog, when I realized, actually, that besides movie dates, I had been the one to initiate the last date.

and oh my god, wasn't it a big FAIL on my part.

I invited Said Date over for dinner.
with my "parents."
("parents" only because my birth-parents live in Texas. and these "parents" are undeniably my parents here.)

First things first, Said Date was awesome.
Second things second, my "parents" really like him.
Third things third, I was a FLAMING MESS.

i was so nervous!
i was nervous asking "mom" if he could come over.
i was nervous cleaning and vaccuuming since he was coming over.
i was nervous taking a shower and talking to "mom."

Me: I'm kind of nervous.
Elizabeth: Why?
Me: I don't know! I just am!
Elizabeth: Are you nervous we won't like him?
Me: No, I know you will. He's great.
Elizabeth: Are you nervous he won't like us?
Me: No, I know he will. You guys are great.
Elizabeth: So what are you nervous about?
Me: I guess I'm nervous I'm going to do something stupid! Or say something stupid!
Elizabeth: Allyson, you say stupid things all the time. We all know this already.

Actually, the dinner was great. Elizabeth was smart enough to send me out for half and half so she could make biscuits to disperse some of my psychotic nervous energy, and she ended up making absolutely delicious biscuits and vegetable soup. Said Date was amazing, as always, and the evening was pretty chill, with everyone poking fun at me occasionally for being a flaming mess.

Me: I'm so nervous!
Said Date: Why?
Me: Just because!
Said Date: (to "parents") Are you guys nervous?
Parents: No.
Said Date: Well, I'm not nervous. Apparently you're the only one. :)

Guys. People judge me by my choices.
I've seriously FAILED BIG TIME with past boyfriends,
and this is one worth not failing with.
Wouldn't you be nervous if you suddenly realized you've got a gem on your hands?
Ohhh, snap. I was.

of course, if you want to read about past dates with "Said Date,"
you can do so.
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  1. Bringing him over to meet the “parents” is a BIG deal… excited for you!

  2. oh yeah, totally.
    they'll help me determine whether he's an axe-murderer or not. :)

  3. You so goofy. Don't worry about nervousness. We men secretly LOVE it - it's way better than the opposite. If you go on a date with someone who isn't remotely nervous, you spend the whole time wondering if they're into you or not.