Sunday, October 2, 2011

i hope we can borrow a blender

ashley carran
and i 
are having a halloween sleep over
(no mind that her bf will be there too.)

we're doing halloween things
and making candy
and i'm contributing grown up pumpkin milk shakes.

because i work out four hours on any day doing boxing.
because we're young and hot and man our metabolism is better now that it will be eventually.
and hello?? did you read the words "pumpkin" and "bourbon" and "MILKSHAKE?!"
yeah, it's more than rad.
the raddest.
i just took my blog to the highs of rad-dom with these.

check it. how sweet it is has the works
(I'll let you know if we actually make it past the eat-out-of-blender phase into the cute-glasses-and-sprinkles-thing. i'm guessin' probably not.) :D

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