Monday, April 2, 2012

all easter bunnies should only be hollow. non-negotiable.

the best thing about easter is the chocolate.

wait...i mean,

the best thing about easter is church?

i'm sure my dad is having coniption fits right now hearing me say, "the best thing about easter is chocolate."

well, dad, let's pretend i'm eight years old and making blanket statements just for the heck of it.

sounds about right.

anyway, today i'm doing some easter bunny research
in all honesty,
who DOESN'T like biting into big ol' hollow bunny ears at 8 am in the morning?

and easter chocolate is the best kind of chocolate.
shaped like rabbits.

what isn't there to love?

i found some pretty rad easter bunnies online.

this guy made the list for being huge.
he's a pretty standard painted multi-chocolate easter bunny,
but he's big.
that's cool.

this little baby doll is just freaking adorable
and toffee?
okay, done.

when i thought a found a big bunny (above,)
i hadn't yet found this guy
who's makers recommend you break him open with a hammer.
see below for proof of godzilla rabbit.

lindt makes the list
and their rabbits are adorable and i like to bit their little heads off.

this little dude looks an awful lot like that a knock-off vosgues rabbie (shown above.)
but he's calico?
and still cute?

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