Friday, April 20, 2012

riding a bicycle

that's a good thing to hang in a couple's bedroom
not barf-tastic and mushy
did i say inspiring?

so i bought it
and then a 50% off frame from michael's
and hung it up yesterday
on some hooks that aaron already had hanging on his walls.

and then last night,
in the deepest, darkest hour of the night
it fell down
and i practically pushed aaron off the bed
trying to "jump into his arms"
because the CRASH! was on my side
and it terrified me
and then i basically figured out all was okay
and went back to sleep
but aaron did not
because he's relatively smart when he's semi-conscious after being just woken up from a gigantic CRASH! in the deepest, darkest hours of the night

and he said, "don't get out of bed on that side,"
and i mumbled okay
and then he got up and picked it up and cleaned up.

only the frame was broken!
no glass shards, shatterings, or pieces!

which i think is mildly impressive.

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