Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ask a Lady: I Need to Learn to Keep Quiet

Dear Ask a Lady,
I am planning a wonderful surprise day full of fun, adrenaline, adventure and merriment for my husband in honor of his 33rd, like, 5 months....and found a great deal on the perfect once-in-a-lifetime thing for him.
I am now seeking a sneaky way to make sure that he keeps that day clear, without ruining the surprise.
You see, I made the rookie mistake of ever-so-breifly mentioning in the passing the surprise in question. He thought it sounded incredible but said we couldn't afford it.
If I simply ask that he set the day aside from work and all other obligations now, he will, undoubtedly, be suspicious and guess exactly what I have planned, or he will insist that I tell him why.
I'm sure he will forget all about it in a few weeks time, but if I wait too long to inquire about him keeping that day clear, then I lose out on making the reservation for it that I need to make, and that could devastate the entire plan.
What should I do? Do you have any sneaky tricks up your sleeve for reserving the day without letting the cat out of the bag? What should I say if he asks why he needs to keep the day clear?
I Need to Learn to Keep Quiet

Here’s a good idea: Two days before, tell him that you’re pregnant and that you have a doctor’s appointment and that you’re REALLY, REALLY upset and afraid and (maybe sneak a few tears in,) then pull the Wife card and tell him that HE HAS TO BE THERE FOR YOU and he’ll clear his schedule to go to the doctor with you right away, obvs.

Just kidding.
Although I know that would work.

Easy-peasy. J
"I'm sure he will forget all about it in a few weeks time"
Go ahead and make the reservation now.

But don’t tell him till three weeks from now.
It’s so far in advance that he still most likely won’t have anything on his calendar, and you can just pull the “I’ve got a surprise for you!” card to use. He’ll know it’s a surprise, but he won’t know it’s the amazing-full-day-extravaganza, which, by the way—Will you be my wife, too?
Lady X

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