Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sliced geode earrings

so months ago
i posted about a sliced geode earring that anthropologie was selling that was beautiful and amazing for like
or something

and i was all
NO WAY am i paying 70 bucks for a slice of geode lined in gold paint
when i know
that thousands of museums across the country
sell geode and WHOLE AGATE ROCKS
for like, four dollars apiece.

and then i stalked the website for months
and watched for these beautiful, amazing earrings to show up in the sale section

and they never did.

not even in stores!
my only assumption is that they were beautiful enough that someone did not have to make an executive decision to make these babies go on sale in order to increase their desirability.
i mean, they ARE that beautiful.

yesterday i was cruising around ye olde etsy
and found
(which is totally the way knock-offs go)

which are actually

one of them isn't lined in gold, but it makes up for it with a sparkly center

and the other IS lined in gold, and it's A LITTLE TOO THICK, but hey! maybe from far away they look amazing.

i'm still on the fence about buying them.
someone please to god talk me into it.
what do you guys think?

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