Monday, April 2, 2012


here's what happened this weekend.

i went to work. friday night.
it's so long ago i can hardly remember it
except it was fun
and i'm sure i made some cash.

aaron went to boys' night
and i got drunk-texted at 2 am.

"i'm smashed and not riding home. i looooove you love lvoe lovelvooev."

he also made mac n cheese and strapped it to the back of his motobike.

"it even made it down the stairs!" he squealed in delight.

i slept lazily and heavenly in a big bed by myself that night.
i'd had a margarita with a friend after work
and my lids were heavy.

2 am
and then shazaaam
suddenly it's 5 am
and i'm getting back up again.

my last table left after midnight the night before
and i was first-in this saturday morning.

i had four tables of early risers by 8:15.
and the day had already begun.

the restaurant was beautiful, saturday.
i'm growing more used to the pace of the place
and i'm settling into my bones as a very good server.

i had lovely tables
lovely tips
lots of interesting conversations
and i was tired enough to be hilarious.

that's what i love about the bistro!
i mean,
i'm so exhausted
but i'm still SO, SO HAPPY to be there.

i got home saturday afternoon to a frolicking aaron
attacking me at the door and jumping on me.
he tackled me and kissed me and told me he loved me
and it was awesome.

saturday night was the night of the lazypantses.
i mean, seriously.
the dishes needed to be done.
everything needed to be cleaned.
our house re-vamping needs to continue to be re-vamped.
and i crashed.
even now i can hardly remember what happened
that my feet throbbed
and i propped them up on pillows.

sunday was absolute bliss.
my sweet aaron treated me to brunch at THE COMET
one of the places he first took me when we first began dating.

i had taken this sunday off from work to spend it with aaron's parents while they visited in town.
they did, unfortunately, need to stay in north carolina for the weekend,
and i,
fortunately, had another unexpected day off, the first in two weeks, and the second in a month and a half.
so aaron and i had comet brunch
and i had a mimosa
and i just LOVED MY LIFE.
this "downtime" is just so much sweeter when it's contrasted with such great, hard work.

our friend matt
helped us move a lot of furniture out of our house
and into the apartment of a friend of mine from work.
she paid aaron 100 bucks for it
and i'm just happy we have SPACE now.

that took a couple of hours
and we collapsed on the porch in sweet happiness.
i think aaron played angry birds
and i rested my head against a post and
napped in the sunshine.

around 3:30 aaron began his workingextravaganza
and i puttered my way up the stairs into a bed and crashed again.

i woke up around 5:00 when aaron needed some hands moving a dresser from the neighbors two houses over into our house
and noticed how beautiful the lawn looked on our walk over.

we moved a dresser
i cleaned the kitchen
the bathroom
set up my office space
unpacked a lot of boxes
aaron moved dressers upstairs
cleaned the new dresser
moved his clothes in
i made up the guest room
washed and dried sheets
made beds
and moved some junk around.

we got a new kitchen table complete with four chairs from a friend
so that got set up and looks great

that's the weekend!

we ate pizza and walked a bit
and read books
and slept.

tonight we're going to a pre-gala party, and i'm wearing a super pretty dress.
pics to follow, i'm sure!