Saturday, April 21, 2012

the sweetest thing

i got home at 11 last night

after going into work at 7
and then walking into my second job at 4


so i parked kind of in front of a fire hydrant.

YOU try finding parking in clifton on a friday night.
i was tired.
a police car drove past me.

i decided to take my chances.

so aaron gets home
(he was out with a friend,)

and says
we have to move your car. it's right in front of a fire hydrant.

i said.
i knew it, but i didn't want to believe it.

"i'll be right back," he says
and i'm happy because i don't have to put on real pants or real shoes and my pajamas continue to suffice.

so he gets back
and tells me where the car is
and we have a happy sleepy evening of chats and catching-up. :)

then, suddenly, it's morning
and i'm trying to get out of bed to get into work by 9 am, again.

i like it,
but hey, it's a saturday, right?

so i get up.
i go downstairs
do my hair
my make-up
eat breakfast.

aaron stumbles downstairs at some point
disappears outside

where did he go?
i poke my head around the corner,
he has disappeared.

i get ready 
walk out the door.

aaron is back,
and now he wants to walk me to my car.

we step outside
it's cold! i say
and aaron walks me to the driveway, hugs me, kisses me, says "see ya later!"
and i think he's changed his mind about the car-thing because it IS cold (srsly, wtf?)

"i told you i'd walk you to your car," he says pointedly.
and he points
and i look
my car,
which was parked a block and two streets over last night,
is sitting right in front, waiting for me.

i love him
and i die
from happiness
and hop in my car and wave vigorously "good bye"
and drive to work happy and content. :D

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