Thursday, April 26, 2012

in which the lady wants to do delightful things

a chocolate fondue pot
in a stoneware jar that you order online and it comes in the mail and suddenly you've got a fondue pot that reheats and it's adorable and totally fun.

and i thought
"wouldn't it be fun if i started delighting in things like this?"
"wouldn't it be fun if i allowed myself to order something like this and try it and test it and blog about it and create a tried and true gift guide?"
"wouldn't that be GREAT?!"

it would be great
but just as i was about to splurge of the moment
buy a parisian chocolate fondue pot
i saw that this cannot be shipped internationally
and my dreams were dashed immediately.

for now.
we shall see what happens the next time i get hooked on something quirky and cute.

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