Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introducing! Ask a Lady: New Job

Hey friends--I have so many conversations with friends where everything loopty-doopty-loops back into everything else.
People are universal.
WOMEN share universal conundrums.

I'm hoping to start airing a LOT of them here, soon,
a place where we can all throw in our two cents and help a Lady out.

begins our Thursday Ask a Lady!

Hey Lady-- Any chance you could give me a little advice/pep talking for resumes?
I am having trouble getting geared up to redo my resume for some new jobs.
Any advice?
you know what? i just re-did my resume, and i did so because i kept thinking, "why isn't anyone paying me what i'm worth?" what am i missing? and then, i decided to make my resume all about the really great things i've done in every job. i started talking about what i actually DO on a day-to-day basis, and it was really such an ego-boost for me.
Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop.
but you see--at ten thousand villages, i had A LOT of responsibility. i really did help train volunteers and develop new processes for the business based on what we needed. and, as a really young girl, i opened and closed that store all by myself. that's pretty great. then, even, here at the IRB i "triaged' calls from medical doctors and research investigators and now i'm a consultant on their work and i train my co-workers in our electronic system.
my advice?
just like acting, your resume can be YOU and ALL YOU and does not have to conform. sure, there's a "protocol" for setting up your resume, but it needs to be YOU and YOU and you. actually, look at this: loft resumes
i'm going to submit my resume to them SOON and give it a facelift, becuase i've thought for A LONG TIME that i wanted a prettier resume, and now, people are actually designing them that way.
so do what you want.
who says your day job has to be a shitty one?
make it your SECOND JOB.
as an actor, chances are that you're going to be spending 40 hours a week somewhere for awhile. make that reality tailor to you. it can be flexible, it can be temporary (if you want that,) and honestly, it CAN be amazing. find an AMAZING job. go work in a shop somewhere. maybe walk into stores you like and TALK to the owner, and THEN give your resume. be a shameless advocate for yourself, on paper, and in real-life, and you will make things happen.
but do the breakdown: if you currently need to spend 40 hours a week somewhere--that's FORTY HOURS OF YOUR LIFE you will not get back. don't settle--find a second job, not a "day job," or a "temporary job."
this is your life--do it right!!

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