Thursday, April 12, 2012

emergencies on the home front

i bought this dress from modcloth
it cost a bazillion dollars
but i had a coupon and a tax return
and decided it would be an investment piece.

it's gorgeous
it's well-made
and it's amazing.

and then i tried it on.

and it was horrendous.

well, it wasn't.
but i was.

it was oh so short on me.
wayyyy too short to be seeing that much thigh.

and unfortunately, my summer coloring,
a little less pale and sickly than now
has not come in
and won't come in in the next month before i planned on wearing this divine treasure of dresses.

so it's getting shipped back.

i have no back-up plan.

i need a special dress for a wedding
and i'm on the prowl.

i'd LOVE to hear them.

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