Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter 2012, recapped

i spent Easter 2012 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma? you ask
what could ever possibly be in Oklahoma?

The answer, my dear friends, is nothing.
Except for the loves of my lives.
Duane, Mechelle, Mechelle's in-laws.
NOTHING is in oklahoma
except family
and land 
and cows
and horses
and actually, all truth told,
that's exactly the way i like it.

i showed up before they did.
a night before.
but they caught up QUICKLY.
Chester, above, was flipping out over his new Oakleys. 
He wore them everywhere, even attempted wearing to Easter Mass, but Dad whacked him and told him INAPPROPRIATE and he was a little sad.

hijinxes quickly ensued
i took a picture of stephanie taking a picture of kristen taking a picture of me.

we're all posting them on Facebook to see who connects the dots.

duane and mechelle
moved into a new house
took us all to a BBQ
and basically just celebrated being in love.

the twins treated me like a queen.
as they should.

and we ran a lot of errands together 
going to some hillbilly supply store
where dad bought duane a new weed eater
as a "welcome to your new house" gift.

i jumped on jared's back
and basically annoyed him but he loved it.

and tim
who, notice, has biceps the size of stephanie's head
jumped on everyone
and annoyed everyone
but we all love him anyway.

easter sunday became easter saturday for us.
and chet, aka, "the easter bunny,"
hid all our baskets
and we all found them and celebrated and had a peep war
mom always insists on giving us peeps
and none of us like them even a little bit
and so we just throw them at each other.

easter chocolate is the best chocolate
so i killed my easter bunny
making him "ROAD KILL" 
easter sunday, after church.

it was awesome.

kristen and i took a little photo op
and i love that girl
and love her face.

she was a fantastic photographer all weekend.

we went to mechelle's parents house
my brother duane's in-laws
who we all love and adore
and my folks stay with them
and they stay with us
and we all have a great time together.

they have a farm
with horses
and baby horses
and baby cows (which i LOVE,)
and pigs and chickens and 160 acres of oklahoma land.
we loved it all.
we walked, rode, hiked, loved.
and i fed a baby cow, which is the only thing i want to do every day for the rest of my life.
i LOVE baby cows.

i rode the horse too.
the one that is scared of his own shadow
and chester came tralloping up to me on the horse
and the horse freaked out and started being all freaky
and i got freaked out
and calmed the horse down
and then dad grabbed the horse
and chester walked slowly away.

apparently chester also got out in the middle of a lake in a little boat
but i was already on my way to the airport
so i missed all that fun.

i LOVE my family.

the twins and i had a quick photo op together
which i love
because these are the babies i grew up with and they're amazing.

my mom has a really fantastic way of including all our family in our family photos.
for example,
when mechelle married duane
she became my sister-in-law
and rose to a status on equal par with my sisters.
family is a choice
and i have room and love for all the family i can stand.

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