Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Night 8: The Graduate

The Graduate

Remember when movies were simple and you could sit down to one without being burdened and beat over the head with a huge message about the state of humanity? remember that time?

enter, "The Graduate,"

or, as I'd like to call it "The Most Perfect Movie EVER."

It's perfect. Perfect. A likable hero, down on his luck. Winds up in an interesting situation. Begins to redeem himself through actual connection. Winds up in another unpredictable situation. Falls in love. Loses love. Is so pure of heart he wins love back. Loses the Ultimate love, and then, again, wins her again, against all odds.

It's so beautiful. So simple. So pure.

Of course, I love Dustin Hoffman more than life itself.

He's so dreamy.

And in this, he gives his all without pushing one thing any bit too far. He's present, he's activated, engaged, and interesting.

And his co-stars are pretty amazing too! Mrs. Robinson, purrrfectly seductive and sexy. Never missteps. These women are not alive today. This whole era, this frame of mind, doesn't even exist. Is there a modern Mrs. Robinson? An adult woman who can use her womanhood to get exactly what she wants in the way she does? I don't think so, not like this. This woman is dangerous!

And think about Benjamin! He promises NOT to take Elaine out, and when his parents call his bluff, he takes her TO A STRIP CLUB!! I was mortified in this scene, it was humiliating! There he is, sabotaging this date, and Elaine just stands there, crying, shocked, no idea what this is all about. The stripper comes over, swinging her tassels, and Elaine, so pure, so sweet, just stands there, mortified. Ben grabs her and takes her out. And she's crying and crying, so he kisses her!

Then, they're perfect. Ben comes clean about his behavior, and they really do get along right away. Elaine is so sweet, too. Charming, lively, smart, holds her own. I love watching this young actress on screen.

And at the end, I'm just so happy having watched it all. Ben remains honest throughout the entire movie--he never denies what he has done/is doing, and he always treats the other characters with honesty and respect. Of course, this causes problems, but if it didn't, well, we wouldn't have a movie, would we? :)

The Graduate. The Most Perfect Movie Ever Made.

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