Friday, December 2, 2011

an apartment is happening

so i'm getting an apartment soon
by, "soon," i mean well, asap? and hopefully as soon as i get a real job and stop fretting about money all the time.
a real job would be a real boon to my psyche.
i'm a temp, now, and it's cool, i can pay my bills
but i'd like to sell out my "fret" factor, and actually plan ahead in my life.

but the fact remains that i need a place to stay.
and the fact remains that this place to stay is going to be barebones, at most. :)
and the ever-present fact remains that i want to move to a busier, more bustling city
so, a small investment here will lead me forward and onward to a big investment down the road.

as part of this thing i like to call "an apartment," i want to be able to create a space in which i wake up every morning inspired and capable to stride forward in my life.

i'm thinking the above three prints would be perfect in a bedroom.

 this one would be perfect in a bathroom.

and this one, a happy reminder, right next to the door.
excellent parting words as i breeze into the world.

i've loved these prints for months now, from the big harumph
and cannot wait to make them mine. :)

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