Wednesday, December 7, 2011

cooking in the kitchen

i have not ever been a good cook.
growing up in a family of eight
our food was about quantity and time
zapping anything as fast as possible to get it on the table and into the mouths of ye hungry babes

i'm missing a link between
cooking and taste

sure, i can follow directions.
i can make up a recipe
and make something chewable happen

but i'm just as likely to
or just basically miss being able to tell when something is not right and what would make that something taste better.

but i'm here to change that.

i'm a big believer in New Years.'
Yes, there does not have to be a set day or time to turn over a new leaf
and if you were going to do it,
then doing it NOW as opposed to waiting a whole year for a specific day
is probably the best way of going about it.

but if the opportunity presents itself
as it does every January 31st
and if he opportunity presents itself
in the form of a giant, beautiful holiday
that one likes to get dressed up on and celebrate
then why not carpe the hell out of this diem
and go for it?


so i've been thinking about my New Years' Resolutions
which is turning into more of a New Years' To-Do List
(which i love. the more tangible my resolutions, the better.)

and one of them is to learn to make all my favorite foods.
this will keep me in the kitchen.
aaron wants to help me with this
which basically means that he eats everything that i cook :)
and i'm okay with that.
because i do not like wasting food
and i like being a capable, young adult teaching myself how to do the things i've always wanted to be a person who does.

so we began our foray into New Years' Resolutions
last Sunday
when i wanted to make mac n cheese
and aaron had a "best mac n cheese EVAR" recipe magnet-ed to his refrigidaire. :)

it went something like this:

cook some noodles.
boil some milk, flour, and butter together.
let it thicken enough to coat a spoon

add cheddar cheese, gruyere cheese
salt, pepper, nutmeg

and then noodles.

stir it up.

stop here, if you're happy with normal mac n cheese gone awesome
if you'd like to continue
toss it in a baking pan
and then cover it with a coating of
and 2tbs butter

and bake it up!

yum yum yum

we ended up also making green beans
which i completely love
and wanted to use so that i could get in the habit of making well-balanced meals
and then took the entire shindig over to aaron's neighbors
where they made filet mignon and biscuits
and it was all very delicious.

i recently ended my vegetarianism
and had about a month and half's worth of meat in my diet
and that too, again, is coming to an end.

i like being vegetarian
and i'm going back to it.

aaron and i end up being very good cooks in the kitchen
for the time being
because i know nothing about cooking
and he knows more stuff than i do about cooking
so we both read the recipe
and end up tag-teaming it till it gets in the oven.
also, i'm a stickler for dishes
so i wash the heck out of those
and we wind up
completing our task
with a pan of mac in the oven
and a strainer full
of happy, clean dishes.

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