Sunday, December 11, 2011

arthur christmas

aaron and i saw "Arthur Christmas"
a couple of weeks ago

because i wanted to see a movie
and he wanted to see one with a little more action than
George Clooney's new "The Descendants."

Speaking of which, I've yet to see this and need to and if you want to see it as well, THEN LET'S DO IT.
(also on the movie list--"We Bought a Zoo."

Arthur Christmas is adorable.
as it should be,
being the annual Holiday film for its studio

with elves and sleighs and santas galore,
all high-tech and modern and super spies
and all missing/forgetting/losing sight of what Santa Claus is really about.

one child is forgotten on Christmas Eve

and Arthur Christmas
the heart and soul of holiday spirit

makes it his accidental mission with Grampa
(pictured above with the flying teeth)
to save her holiday
and preserve the Santa Claus dream.

the movie is totally cute
and almost preach-y
but not so much that it would annoy a theatre-goer like myself.

there's a few quiet themes running through the film
one about tradition being paired with modern technology
one about the holidays
one about family and pecking orders
one about tongue-in-cheek women's empowerment
one about aging

and then the ultimate focal point,
the heart and soul that defines a Santa Claus.

It's cute.
and entire-family friendly.
so if you're wanting to see it, SEE IT.
you'll like it.

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