Monday, December 12, 2011

gross things from the office

so every week, my office hosts a board meeting.
the members, who are volunteering their time, get a free lunch.

recently, it's become my job to handle catering these events, and boy, let me tell you, it's not easy or entirely fun.
i try to employ a little out of the box thinking in order to shock everyone into submission and pleasure for their free food.
it sometimes works.

anyway, last week, i catered italian, buca di beppo, to be more correct.
(or, if you're aaron, "booka da peepo," which i much prefer, anyway.) :)

buca di beppo is tasty!
yummy fettucine and lasagna, and so, so helpful!

also, their portions are HUGE.
so, while i catered for 28, the food leftover from last Wednesday's meeting ended up lasting till Friday, we had SO MUCH of it.

And then, Friday afternoon, as per my responsibility, I started cleaning up and disposing of the food.
Suddenly, a woman appears! and claims that she was going to take all the leftover food home "just so it won't go to waste,"
and i think, "great! less mess for me, more fattening food for her," and happily tell her it is now her responsibility.
I leave.
I have a great weekend.

and I walk in this morning to a nice healthy dose of lazy:

is that what you think it is, blogosphere?
that someone left sitting out all weekend long
instead of taking home and washing
and leaving here for "someone else" to take care of?

why yes, yes it is.
it's also what i call "disgusting," made moreso by the fact that the lack of responsibility involved is astounding.

i wrapped them up in paper towels and are taking them home this evening to wash.
otherwise, i'm certain they'd sit on the counter for days.

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