Tuesday, December 13, 2011

mattress firm is more fun than playgrounds

aaron and i went to mattress firm this weekend
because he needs a new mattress
and has a friend who can get him a sweet deal.

i don't think i've ever had a more fun time in a store.

all the power in mattress firm was out.
no flurescent lights
no annoying music
and actually, not a lot of people

it was very cool.

the saleslady was super helpful, colleen, and she followed us around giving information and putting up with my antics, which included asking how heavier people tend to like their mattresses, asking about mattress firm theft, and choking on my spit quite loudly.

she suggested that anyone trying out a mattress lay on it the way they lay on them at home
so aaron laid down
and i dog-piled on top of him
and that was pretty much accurate.

turns out, mattress firm is wayy more fun as an adult,
even sans jumping from bed to bed like one might and probably would still do in a hotel room.
whoda thunk?

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