Tuesday, December 20, 2011

etc breaks my heart wide open

i may have had one of the most beautiful Christmas experiences of my life last night.

on a whim,
and by "on a whim," i mean,
as soon as i saw an instant of this Event happening,
meaning, "as soon as it became publicized on facebook,"
i found myself downtown at Ensemble Theatre for their "Expectations of Christmas."

Honestly, I had no idea what it was going to be.
All I knew was that ETC is a theatre
My life rocks in theatres
i <3 ETC
and i needed to be there.

so i did.
i re-arranged my schedule.
I scrimped ten bucks off my budget (srsly, gulp)
and i got my butt down there.

i looked hella cute.
off-white vintage lace column dress
 four inch seychelles wedges
spirited smile, pretty eyes

I've been spending a lot of time around Ensemble Theatre lately

Aaron works there, so I show up occassionally with him,
(he took me there on our first date, which, of course, was adorable and awesome and ohmygod,)

and i've been volunteering there, too,
with the Children's Education,
 the Fairy godmother program.

So I've been spending a lot of time around Ensemble Theatre lately.

Amazing thing, isn't it?
Invest it wisely, invest it well.

And let me tell you, ETC has given my time back to me, ten-fold.

The show was simple.
a fundraiser, for Tender Mercies,
A bunch of cookies, water, coffee,
and then a whole slew of performers and artists onstage.
They don't do much, when you look at it
they sing
the read
they tell stories
they share

but OHMYGOD isn't that enough?

i sat in my seat
and peaceful

i cried thinking of my family
i cried thinking of my love
i cried because i was so happy.

being able to sit and love and share
is an amazing gift.
etc broke my heart wide open
in just the perfect way i continuously look for

this is a christmas
 where everything that is right
is happening.
i am working hard.
and it is right.
i am working well.
and it is right.
and again,
i embrace my happiness, my dreams, my life
and i share it.

my time is and will always be well spent
with love.

Merry Christmas to you all.

It's early, I get it, but it's appropriate. :)

Give freely, give openly, give expressly, and
when you are loving the life you live.

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