Monday, December 19, 2011

Ten Things to do in Texas

Things I want to do in Texas

1. Drink mimosas and Shiner Christmas Cheer every day. Not together, mind you, and mostly because a) i love champagne, and b) Shiner in texas is better than Shiner anywhere else.

Nothing says "I'M ON VACATION" like a morning full of champagne.

2. Make loads of Christmas treats with Chester and make a fancypants dessert table for my family to lose their minds over. "WHAT IS THIS CLASSINESS?!"

3. Make Gingerbread houses. Family tradition. Coincidentally, also get sick on candy and start fighting with everyone because gingerbread houses take focheva to make and we all get grumpy and upset and then the houses fall apart anyway. Gingerbread slums.

4. Go to historic downtown Mckinney, Texas to visit the magic shop, the cowboy boot shop, the Loco Cowpoke, and Mom and Popcorn.

5. Maybe go see a movie with the fam, or all go to JumpCity (only 8 bucks!), or maybe I can get everyone to put on a no-talent show....


7. Celebrate Bday style with the Twins. They're having their 18th birthday party at Southern Junction the day I get into town. aaaawwwweeesssooooommmmmee
The website calls it a "night club and steak house," which, honestly, it is neither. It's a honky tonk dance hall, and that is all. :D

8. Nothing.
It's Farmersville, what do you expect?

9. Sing country music VERY loudly and just watch Aaron suffer. Muahahaha. You can't escape it in Texas. You're welcome.

10. Eat donuts with the fam. They're better here.

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  1. YES Southern Junction! I've experienced its joy! Happy Birthday, twins!! Happy holidays! Happy break!! Happy happy! Love you, lady! <3