Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"this economy blows."

my 18-yr old sisters and i just had a brief conversation on facebook where the statement was uttered, "this economy blows."

kristen said this, and i wanted to take a moment to completely disagree.

i'm certain that this economy blows for a lot of people who are suddenly no longer able to provide for their familes. obviously, that would blow.

but if you have nothing, if you're 18 yrs old and HAVE NOTHING ANYWAY, then what are you complaining about?

look. world. universe. everyone.
i'm 23 and i'm broke as hell.
and i'm happy.

yes, to God, yes, it's taking me eight thousand years to move out of cincinnati because i can just BARELY make enough money to pay my bills.

but guess the fuck what?
i'm paying them.
and i'm happy and blessed to be able to.
and when i can get out of Cincinnati, I will.

and Christmas? the plethora of time where people lose their minds and spend ungodly amounts of cash?
i'm making it work.
perfectly, simply, happily.

here's the thing.
if you routinely eat out--you're doing alright.
if you're buying your children new shoes and PSP games and fast food-- you're doing just fine.
if you can afford to have three cars--then you're obviously making it work.

Adjust your minds
count your blessings.

we do not need stuff.
we are happy having each other.

and stop apologizing/lamenting to your children for being broke.
they do not need that.
they need to figure out their own lives,
not yours.
teach them how to embrace the world as it stands,
and then adjust your timelines
to suit your needs.


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