Tuesday, December 6, 2011

reasons to feel loved

i got a surprise early-Christmas present this weekend,
when Aaron
gave me a coat.

that's right, blogoworld,
i have the best boyfriend in the world.

let's face the facts.
1. i live in cincinnati.
2. cincinnati has fantastically terrible weather, the kind of rain that feels like someone is constantly sneezing on you, and the kind of snow that soaks through and stinks up your day.
3. i have one thin trench, one jacket, and one exceptionally heavy red throwover.
4. i freeze every day of my life.

and aaron gave me
a beautiful, fitted coat,
with nice, big buttons,
a tall, ribbed collar,
 and fuzzy, warm hood.

thank you
for keeping me warm
loving me well.

another coat picture, with details!


  1. Us Texas girls never learn, I'm freezing my butt off and just spent the remainder of my pay check on mini skirts and shorts... another winter, another failure. (I did get some cute leggings too though so I might be learning!)