Thursday, December 15, 2011

the thing you need immediately

friends. romans. countrymen.

i have found the answer.

to what question?

THE question.

what question?

the ULTIMATE question of life, the universe, and everything, and the answer is not 42.

actually, while we're here, talking about it, i'm just going to tell you that i have no idea what the question is.
BUT, and hang with me here, friends,

i was given a gift of heaven today.

listen up.

i met Lara Rhyner weeks ago when i began fulfilling my life by being at ETC
about twice a week.

we hit it off.

we saw a play together, no big deal, like a friend-date. it was cool.

we super-connected because she has a blog, and just got married, and is married to a handyman so we talk about how SUPER AWESOME it is to be with someone who likes to build things and fix stuff and make things happen and happen well.

and then, yesterday, i facebook stalked her all day long while she lived out my Wednesday dream-life:

i. died.

at least three times.

she took that instagram pic above, posted about them, did all the things that make me want to live vicariously through her, and then, THIS MORNING, she GAVE ME SOME.

just GAVE them to me, for free. i didn't even have to be nice to her or anything, and she just handed them to me.

srsly, i lost my mind a bit.
such glee!

and then, right then, that's when i answered the question:

friends, romans, countrymen,
i am telling you right now,
the only thing you need in life
is a great friend that makes you christmas cookies.

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