Friday, December 23, 2011

tango bots

so here's a good story.

once upon a time, i was hanging out with a boy named aaron clements and it was kind of fun.

we talked about everything.
i just did not have time to not be open and honest and curious all the time
so i asked aaron all kinds of questions
and he always answered me right back.

so we took walks and hung out and sat in bars and guessed things about people there.

we started laughing together,
and we started relaxing, together.
i began sharing.

one night we were going to hang out
but i had to walk a dog
so aaron asked to come along and i went to pick him up at his house.

i had never been there before!
and he had just redone his kitchen.

he opened the door, i turned the corner,
i was in a beautiful kitchen.

the floor was gorgeous.
all oak colored and pretty.

i couldn't resist,
i laid down on it.

it was luxurious.

aaron stood at the door and we chatted for awhile.
after about thirty seconds, i begged him to lay down on it too, it was just too amazing not to share.

and he did.

he laid down on one part.

and i stay down on another.

pretty far away from each other.

and we chatted.
some more.
just chatted.

and i don't know what did it
but i rolled over to him.
rolled over, curled up
a secure, small cuddling

he petted my hair
and we held awhile

then he suggested we go,
and we did.

months later,
as we dance and read and cook and prank and snort with laughter
in that kitchen
i'm so happy we've ended up here

i found this print a couple of weeks ago
and it made me so happy!
aaron and i have a thing with dancing
and then, again, when he replaced all our body parts with metal.

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