Monday, December 5, 2011

being good at some things

i have a boyfriend that probably thinks i am good at a lot of things.
for example,
he would most likely say that i am good at

giving sweet kisses
sometimes smelling okay
reading aloud
telling funny stories
and thinking ahead.

those are all very good things to be good at.

so, friday afternoon, when we had an hour and half before i needed to be at play practice
because my boyfriend thinks i am very good at a lot of important things
he thought it was a good idea for me to become very good at another important thing.


a trials bike, my friends,
has no seat
which is quite VERY COOL
if i do say so myself.

you balance on the pegs
if you're me,
just let go of the clutch and pray you don't accidentally grab the throttle thus shooting you off across the yard all of a sudden instead of just rolling in circles like you did when you first learned to drive and cried in a parking lot so your mom just told you to put it in drive and roll around.

ummm.....that was me. :)

as you can see, aaron is quite the magician on bikes.
i mean, he's not hopping off rocks or ten foot dirt piles or anything
but he OBVS has SKILL
because he's popping wheelies and riding up and down stairs and going really fast in a small space


people with skills always wear helmets.

i obviously have no trials bike skills
except to sometimes balance
and laugh a lot
and drop my little red shoes
and sometimes not grab the throttle
and if i DID happen to shoot across the yard, accidentally,
i ended up loving it instead
of screaming in terror
and riding it out.

i completed loved it.
i'm going to be riding a motorcyle!
one of my life dreams is coming true
in the most wonderfully unexpected ways.
hello, life, i love you!

but i AM also good at not being able to take a cute "together" photo with aaron
as evidenced here by my ability to be moving mid-shot,

and then, here, again, when i decided not to look at the camera.
don't worry, i'm working on it. :)

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