Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh, SNAP!

i forgot to tell you guys.

i had a live tv appearance this past sunday!

i hosted a spot for Ten Thousand Villages, where, as many of you know, I've worked and volunteered for years. They got picked up for an interview, and I got contacted for the gig. Sure, it's not your usual acting gig, but EVERY TV/FILM appearance counts on a resume, and this is definitely an excellently substantial one!

i wore my go-to tv outfit.
coral cardigan
brown leggings
tall, tan boots

and hair down and wavy.

my multi-colored pink and gold glitter tone nails made an appearance

and i even got my first ever stalker call at Ten Thousand Villages!
apparently i'm moving up in the limelight world. :D

being in studios is REALLY great
i loved arriving early and watching how the news works
basically, there's one giant room with all these various backgrounds set up
and the anchor just walks around and stands in the various poses/locations.

i'm telling you HWAT
i learned a lot just watching the two anchors
one of them was very, very good
and one of them was very, very sour

of course i'm not saying which one is which.
obvs and duh.

but i looooove being in studios and on sets
and this was such a great, fun way to have a great, fun sunday!

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