Monday, December 12, 2011

office monday

i had a couple of surprises this morning when i walked into the office,
the first, being, this lovely christmas tree.

for weeks, half the office has been complaining about the lack of holiday cheer, getting upset when other floors and other offices display trees and festive garland.

so, last week, in came the holiday storage box which is shoved away and disciplined year-long, otherwise.
and I got to sort through it.

the inside was a disaster.
the tree, a baby-sized one, was strangled in tangled lights and snapped in half. actually, it snapped last year so there was still duct-tape on one end of it, leftover.
the ornaments were broken and shattered
and there was a super tacky white felt tree skirt, supposedly designed to look like snow.

needless to say, it was disgusting. 

and so my boss went above and beyond, and walking in, today, we saw a lovely tree and lighted garland all over the office. it's quite gorgeous, and honestly, one of the first Christmas trees I've had the pleasure of admiring this year.

surprise number two is showing up in a post all its own momentarily....

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