Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and the third note, i needz internet

i've been dying to blog about texas,
mainly because i've got such great photos,

this one:

this one:

and this one:

but have yet to bloggety blog blog
because i have yet to obtain internet-y internet internet.

i attempted to make a pact with any one of my five new neighbors to split their already-established internet,
but it turns out that perhaps these aren't the kind of people to share a password-protected network. 
i mean, i told them i'd pay and enter into a written agreement and everything! 

ANyway, le internet is probably two weeks forward in my le future,
and then i'll blog till my little heart's content.

that's the great thing about having an apartment: 
i actually have a home.
and when i'm home, i'm doing whatever i want,
which is often usually blogging.
or dancing. or acting. or bathing. or making some tasty quiche. yeah yeaaaah!

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