Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wall art

so here's some prints i ended up falling in love with.
i'm looking for a single print
to frame
and hang over my bed

i wanted to do a series of three prints.
and if i could find my original post on the matter,
i'd link it here.

anyway, my new space warrants ONE.
and when i get my fabric curtain all up and hung,
it'll be perfect.

i liked this big heart one A LOT.
but i can't get it printed poster size,
and, honestly,
i like BIG prints.
the bigger the better.

and i choose this one, "the best is yet to come."
except, check this out,
it would cost me $140!! OHMYGOD!! to get it printed.
which is obviously wayyyy out of my budget.

so i'm gonna home-school it and make it myself, maybe.
it depends.
as in, if i can't get the heart one
i'll either buy a huge thick piece of white artist paper
and red + black paper
and try my hand at making both.

and whichever one comes at best,
is the one that will win.

i'm a little nervous.
i mean, i love trying things!
but i love these prints for a reason:
they look goooooood.
i'm not a graphic artist.
wish me luck! :D

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