Saturday, January 7, 2012

laughing at wasted time

oh snap! i forgot about this!

okay, so, i lived in hawaii for some time
and like all adventurer-ers
when i was there,
i WALKED everywhere.

i loved to walk!
note: i also lost 15 pounds that summer and it was tres' easy.

anyway, i'm white, or, caucasian, if you will
and in hawaii, hello! you're a minority if you're caucasian.

before i made friends that were actually local,
people would often assume i was a tourist.

and by "people," i mean transplants to the hawaiian islands.

the worst, BY FAR, were the other transplanted haoles,
young men
that really like caucasian tourist young women.

one day i was at the beach reading
and this dude walks up to me and starts talking to me
we were really talking!
so i kept talking and enjoying my time
as is often and plentiful in hawaii.

we talked for focheva
and later made plans to meet up.

i mean, i was suspicious, but BOY OH BOY was i naive.

so this dude picks me up later that day, that night, and takes me to this private beach and it was super beautiful.
(later, on my own wanderings, i run into it again, and it's perfect.)

we keep just talking and hanging out and it's cool

he starts asking me questions about my panties.

it was hilarious!

and so not very good at suddenly revealing what he wanted from me.

and i was so, so, so, so shocked that someone had wasted their time so horribly.
seriously, this dude had spent so much time with me that day!
all for it to fail miserably.

i think i said something like
"my panties are none of your business,"
or something like that.

and he just looked at me and said something like,
"well, it's getting late and it's time to get home."

and then i remember we had an actual conversation on the way home about careers and his dreams and things,

and now, years later,
i just now remember this hilarious story and have a nice chuckle over it.


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