Thursday, January 19, 2012

shakin' it up


I would not be thy executioner,
1780: I flye thee, for I would not iniure thee:
1781: Thou tellst me there is murder in mine eye,
1782: 'Tis pretty sure, and very probable,
1783: That eyes that are the frailst, and softest things,
1784: Who shut their coward gates on atomyes,
1785: Should be called tyrants, butchers, murtherers.
1786: Now I doe frowne on thee with all my heart,
1787: And if mine eyes can wound, now let them kill thee:
1788: Now counterfeit to swound, why now fall downe,
1789: Or if thou canst not, oh for shame, for shame,
1790: Lye not, to say mine eyes are murtherers:
1791: Now shew the wound mine eye hath made in thee,
1792: Scratch thee but with a pin, and there remaines
1793: Some scarre of it: Leane vpon a rush
1794: The Cicatrice and capable impressure
1795: Thy palme some moment keepes: but now mine eyes
1796: Which I haue darted at thee, hurt thee not,
1797: Nor I am sure there is no force in eyes
1798: That can doe hurt.

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