Wednesday, January 18, 2012

have you ever seen two bloggers at lunch?

so my new real-life friend, lara,
and I both had an audition today.

and surprise surprise!
if we hadn't scheduled it for the same day before we ever knew that we'd be friends.

and as luck would have it, our auditions were one auditioner apart.
and as even more luck would have it,
loves groupon
and bought a groupon to tom + chee
and she was gracious enough to share.


and man oh man, if we didn't do it well.

first can i say this:
two bloggers, at lunch, is very easy to spot, and very funny to see.
we take pictures of our food.
we talk about colors.
we talk about stories and as we're living the moment, living the lunch date,
we're both probably writing our respective recollections of the event for our blogs.

lara's blog is more grand-scheme than mine;
she writes full reports of her day, her life
and i blip in and out about mine

but here we were!
dying in heaven!

i went pretty conventional: three cheese grilled cheese + chunky tomato basil soup

totally onolicious.
basically, whatever is good about a grilled cheese is made even better at tom + chee
they have no magic ingredients, no ridiculous bread
they're just effing normal and good
and that is tasty as hell to me.

the bread practically melted away into my chunky tomato soup
and whether or not this should or should not alarm you
it pleased me to no end. it was so yummy!

lara got REAL crazy and ordered the grilled cheese donut,
which, as a new pansy,
i decided not to in case it upset my stomach and ruined the rest of what was being a perfect day.

she contemplated putting brie, pesto, and hummus on it,
and lord knows, i've not yet heard whether or not it has made her vomit.

but she ate it, god willing,
and i applaud her.

lara blogs it over here.
hers is better.
go read it.

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  1. And it was SO GOOD. Next time, it will be brie with pesto :-) I am not patient. My blog is forthcoming. Of course.