Wednesday, January 4, 2012

telling a sister where it'z at (even if i do have to end a sentence in improper grammar)

the upbringing of my sweet, younger sisters is a very important thing to me.

so when the most offensive text png showed up on my little sister's facebook, i threw her some solid words of advice:

me: i hate this so much.

(if you guys know ANYTHING about me, it's that i hold rigid to my morals about what is and is not appropriate in the treatment of women/basically everyone, but especially women, because I AM A WOMAN, DUH.
you can see, obviously, that a young woman playing a slippery slope with her slang would only lead to more slippery slopes. )

her: it's an inside joke.
me: inside joke or not, it's offensive.
me: ALSO.
me: you need to prepare for your future employers looking at your facebook. this is the kind of thing that will get you not-hired.
her: Goodness. Allyson really, at this moment, I Do. Not. Care.
me: Goodness. Kristen, really, at this moment, I promise you, You. Will.

And then she deleted all the comments.
Which, of course, prompted me to another furious comment stream:

"i'm only annoying you because you know i'm right."

that's right, i said it.

she took it down.

but only, of course, in the midst of me perusing her facebook,
in which i unearthed a bunch of THESE PHOTOS:

and since I HATE THIS SO MUCH,
i had to get a little creative.
so, i guess, in keeping with this blog's theme:
telling my sisters that they look like drunk-ass dumb girls
and that i'd rather see pictures of them changing the world
than celebrating the fact that they're preparing for their college days.
get over it.

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