Wednesday, January 11, 2012

kitchen update: caesar salads are easy to make

so i made a caesar salad this past weekend
and it was pretty darn tasty.

as you know, i'm
as i finally came to the realization that i didn't actually know how.

turns out,
it's not so hard,
and maybe i'm actually pretty okay at it.
(aaron had a big surprised face on when he bit into a week-old piece of quiche
and then said, man! it's actually pretty tasty!)
he's a picky eater. :D

ANyway, in the conquering of my quest for nutrition and good health,
i've been making lots of vegetarian dishes.
and by "lots," i mean
i made a quiche one night
and then ate lots of yummy veggies that i had never known i loved.

and this weekend,
after aaron mentioned craving one,
and i remembered how much i loved them, as well,
i decided to make a fresh caesar salad.

so i went to the source of all delicious, wholesome, healthy things,

i almost had a meltdown in the grocery store trying to locate worcestire sauce
but it was a meltdown kind of day,
and i figured it out eventually, so no big deal.

i accidentally ran into a display of croutons
but, of course, was immediately repulsed by the idea of croutons from a bag
so i bought an over-baked loaf of bread and chopped it up at home and put parmesan on it and baked up some crouton deliciousness.
probably if i had ANY seasonings, i would have used some there, too.

i had the MOST FUN shopping for lettuce
seeing as my family grew up on iceberg lettuce heads
and there is A LOT to be said for a big, plentiful chunk of romaine lettuce.
i washed it so lovingly
ripped it up in big chunks
and tossed them all together.

i picked up some yummy parmesan,
whisked up SK recipe
and man! it worked!

so we almost had an entirely delicious and healthy, nutritious meal



i was able to accurately identify that i was craving ice cream....
aaron walked
across the street
and bought some
and it was delicious
and i was a very happy woman.

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