Friday, January 6, 2012

nerdy science men

so i work in a non-exciting environment

but two nerdy, science grad students just walked through the front door
and they completely made my day!
they made me laugh so much!

basically, i was being all business at my little front desk.
clickety click click
type-ety type type

then in stumbles these goofy looking dudes.
one of them says
"we're here to pick up a--
the other one says
"can i have a piece of candy?!"
"--re-approval letter? is that here?"

Me: Re-approval are listed here, and we need -- Yes. -- you to fill out information about picking it up.

Both of them halted. Paused.

the first one: did you....did you....

i stared at them.

the first one: did you just answer both of our questions at the same time?!

i think he just about died with how impressed he was at my superb thought processing skills.

me: yes. that's why i have a job.

then the first one just laughed and asked me some more questions about his work. the second one ate some more candy and walked in little circles like a puppy.

the first one paused again.

he looked to his left, looked to his right.
looked at his friend.

the first one: *conspiratorially* let's do it again. on the count of three, ask her questions at the same time.

the first one: one.....two.......three!

i just BURST out laughing.
i LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND my head fell down onto my keyboard and i laughed some more.

they chuckled appreciatively, and i told them that i wouldn't answer either one of their questions.
then the first one smiled at me some more, the second one pawed at some more candy, and they both left. :)

such a delight.

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