Wednesday, January 4, 2012

while i'm thinking about it

while i'm thinking about it,
i want to say that the most definining thing i was ever taught
was from my mother
who really hammered home that i can be anything i want to be.


If you happen to be closely involved in my life, and have your own ideas about what it is I do or do not want, I  encourage you to rid yourself of such ignorant assumptions, and base your opinions on  my realities:

I am a healthy, happy young woman.
I am finding my own way to live my own dream,
and regardless of what was spoken of in the past,
the Present is my Reality,
and I have come to it now, by being anyone I chose to be.

When my mother said to me,
"You can be anything you want to be,"
she gave me the option
to define myself
instead of being defined by others.

she gave me the naivete to make a difference with my life
and go where i wanted to go,
choices i continue to make
every. single. day.

she opened my doors,
allowed me free-reign
as a very young girl, it was a gift i am blessed she could give.

things are different, now,
for my mother,
my father,
my younger siblings.

and even though a childhood dream differs from a grown-up dream,
i encourage you to reconcile your own ideas of me
based upon
my childhood self and my grown-up self.
you are disservicing us both by being disappointed in who i am not.

but this is still the same for me:
i will be whatever i want to be.





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