Friday, January 6, 2012


perhaps it's the fact that i'm savoring a veggie-full diet
perhaps it's the fact that my office is located underneath a cafe 
that specializes in fried food.

nonetheless, grilled cheese is on my mind.

i'm not gonna lie--i'm a cheese lover.
jarlsberg is where the good stuff is, 
and it's delightfully cheaper than all those other fancy pants
cheeses you can buy from a cheese deli.

and now that i live above a gourmet cheese and wine shop, 
life is looking pretty delightful, 

and so here we are today
me, dreaming of cheese;
you, probably dreaming of cheese, too;

the both of us benefitting from my research.
turns out, there's a lauded grilled-cheese cookbook,
as if cooking grilled-cheese really requires a recipe.
perhaps it's more of a grilled-cheese inspiration book
in which you'll find LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS 
of grilled cheese ideas.
you better believe i'm checking this one out from the library soon.
in fact, i've been flying right through books on vegetarianism and veggie cook books.
this one would certainly make a pleasant addition, don't ya think?

cincy, itself, has a few grilled cheese specialities, i do believe.

i've lost my mind over my favorite cafe, lavomatic, in which i've only been once in my whole life and probably should go again right now,
where i ordered, with a friend, both the grilled cheese and the mac n cheese, for lunch.
cheesy, delightful heaven.

speaking of that, you guys know my love of all things fancylunch,
Lavomatic Cafe happened to be one of the best lunches evar.
if you're new to cindy
or your name is lara rhyner
and you like to do cincy-flavored things,
this one better top your list.

also. cincy's big hooplah,
and thus, shame on me for not having eaten here before.
srsly, tho, you google "best grilled cheese in cincinnati"
and you get three pages of people going nutso over this place 
and their grilled cheese donut.
i obvs want to try.

and the, finally,
my haven of cheese 
is arthur's fried cheese appetizer in hyde park
which i had over a year ago
and still often have dreams and taste-attacks over.
oh whoop te doo, i'm living less that 200 yards from Arthur's heavenly fried cheese?
go ahead, TELL ME that wasn't an accident.

you guys feeling cheesy today? :)
bum dum ch!

i tried to get lots of oozy goozy grilled cheese pics for you from interest
but the damn thing had a hernia and died
right as i needed it.
go google it yourself.
you'll love it.

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