Thursday, January 26, 2012

lauren w

contacted me
for a photo shoot

i googled the hell out of her

found out she was born in honolulu
and her pictures are pretty rad.

bonus! they fit my aesthetic.
we scheduled a shoot this sunday
and i'm kind of hoping it's dreary and cold.
i could rock the shit out of sucky weather.
suddenly, everyone will be prancing around throwing dead twigs and grass into the air
"Oh, this? i'm so posh. it's coooooold."

just kidding.
orrr aaaaammmmm iiii?

now i'm having fun planning my wardrobe.
i want to wear overalls and have sexy red lips.
where the hell can i find some overalls on such short notice?!

^did you see what i did there? pun, intended, snark snark

i also want to wear a gorgeous princess skirt and a t-shirt
but ye! that shall have to wait!

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