Tuesday, January 10, 2012

texas: gun date?

so the texas stories just keep coming!
mainly because i forget that i have not told you any!
oh my gosh, so much happens in a life!

okay, so my family likes to shoot guns.
my dad, my bros, my boyfriend.
they all like guns.

AND they all shoot them safely.

i, however, have not really shot guns A LOT.
i have, some, and i have a gun, but when people start asking me questions about it, all i can say is "i got it when i was young and it goes bang *kick.*"

i just don't shoot that often.

but aaron shoots,
and my fam shoots,
so when aaron was visiting my fam with me,
it only made sense that we would all go out together.

and, also, honestly, i never go gun shooting.
but i like aaron so much!
that i went when he asked if i would come, because he thought it would be a lot of fun.

also--you'll notice that even though my little sister took A LOT of photos of us shooting,
there were only a select TWO that made it to a facebook-tag, mainly because aaron also proves to be a very effective decoy for what i like to call booty-call photos.

like this one, obvs.
junk in da trunk.
there's a reason that photo is small.

we went gun shooting.
it was cloudy and we shot pumpkins and aaron taught me thinks about handguns
and i shot at least three or four different guns.

and i still do not like them that much
because i still don't actually really understand something that powerful in the way i would want to before i felt comfortable with it.
of course you do, it's a gun, gosh darnit.

p.s. i like that we accidentally match all the time.
like. aaron's hat is green. my sweater is green.
aaron's jacket is orange. those silly sunglasses are orange.
ya know.

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