Thursday, January 26, 2012

a tavola

a tavola

we went there
for a date
that was mostly a thank you
because i threw up all saturday night
and aaron made sure i didn't drown or wash in my own bile.

"it's proof i love you," he says.
"i could have just let you lie there and die."

so apparently not letting me die = incomparable love

now you know.

ANyway, i was beyond grateful.
and beyond grateful means something nice.

i took him out.
and for MONTHS aaron has been trying to go to a tavola
which for some reason or another,
has never worked out.

well, it was a wednesday.

tonight was the night.

and we never go out, never.
so i showered
and curled my hair
and put on what little bit of my Good Make-Up I actually have left (that shiz is expensive!)
and wore heels
and met aaron for dinner.

here's what i have to say about a tavola, and i wish it wasn't so persnickety:

the tables are too big.


i sat a grand canyon across from my boyfriend.
that's not fun!
look, a lady that's pretty and out on a date and wanting a little TLC
wants to be able to sidle up next to a date, right?
she wants yon date to look in her eyes and tell her she's gorgeous and for their feet to touch comfortably while they bask in the glory of oven baked pizza.

which, by the way, is AMAZINGLY GOOD.
yeah, their pizza is pretty darn tasty.
we had the artichoke, bacon on half (aaron's half,)
and a follow-up of salted caramel ice cream.
hello! that's the way to do it right! 

and it was ttttttaaaasssstttttty
and fresh
and a little bit grilled in the good way
that makes you think of your mom making pancakes in a cast-iron skillet
very yum.

so that was all good.

and the decor is cool.
sleek, sophisticated, modern.
our table was beautiful, i kept wanting to touch it and love it and feel how smooth it was
but aaron was soo far away from me
that the very long table just didn't contribute to a cozy time.
i would have had to work very hard to lean across the table to connect with him
and jesus christ i'd look like an idiot doing that.

easily, i could have moved my chair to the side, caddy-cornering with aaron
but sheesh, i was all self-conscious and didn't.
i should have.
maybe i will next time.

all in all, a tavola is tasty tasty, but not my favorite restaurant of all time in cincinnati.
i'm really in love with taste of belgium
but i've only been for lunch
weeeeeellll, maybe not that much.
but a lot.

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