Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on another note, lost wallets are not that fun

On another note,
i lost my wallet!

this makes me the saddest lady in the world,
i had a $60 kohl's card
and a $25 amc card i had gotten from christmas!
hello! i was going to use that on my new apartment! 
(well, not the amc card, but come on! a lady needs dates!)

anyway, le wallet is le gone, 
as i've retraced my steps, called stores, did four searches, and aaron did one.

i cannot find it.
the good news is that it has business cards in it.
if someone did find it,
and someone did want to return it,
they could.

and i would be the happiest.

i already canceled my debit card
(and actually, i  accidentally gave the bank my wrong address, since it's new, so we'll see what happens with that....)
and i keep forgetting that drivers' licenses are important.

must make mental note to replace.


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