Monday, January 9, 2012

another cool thing, and this one involves my apartment

from etsy?

i wanted.
and i died.

and they're wayy more money than i have, which is none. 

and then i got even more broke
and even more impatient
and am very eager to actually fix up my apartment the way i want to
(which is, of course, hard when you're broke,
but EASY when you have such good friends and loved ones!)

and i decided to make them myself.

so i did.
and i'm not gonna lie,
i cried
when i painted
"the best is yet to come."

i have nothing, but everything, ahead of me.
i'm standing right in the middle of my beautiful life,
full steam ahead,
and i literally, have nothing
but everything
right now.

the best is yet to come.

i decided to be a lazypants
and not prime, rule, or practice what i drew.
luckily, lazypants is apparently my style and i'm SUPER happy with how these turned out.
i bought canvas.
one brush.
(told you i was broke.)
black paint
and pink paint.
and then painted.
if you look closely at the tiny ones, you can see that my brush was obvs wayy too big.
man oh man, did that ever give me trouble.

**spoiler alert!** i also began my fabric canopy last night. aaron hung it, and it looks AMAZING, except that it needs ONE MORE DARK, SOLID COLORED SHEET before it's perfect. pics soon, i promise, and if anyone has an old sheet laying around they'll let me have and chop up, i'm accepting donations. :)

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