Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pouring out my heart: cover letters

i sent this letter in months ago to Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, and TODAY, it landed me an impromptu, additional audition with CSC on FRIDAY:

Candidate Submission
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company “Exciting Juncture!”
Allyson West

ATTN: ------ -----
Artistic Associate
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
719 Race Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202-4304

Dear Mr. ------,

Children are masters of their own universe. A child knows no limits, no boundaries, is easy and quick to supply a world of fancy and possibility to support any impromptu suggestion. Working with children and young adults imbues one with unlimited power; herein a space is created to suggest and discuss, guide, and enlighten. To entertain, to rejoice, to celebrate. 
I have long believed Shakespeare’s stories to be epitomized in the eyes of children. Years ago, acting upon this belief, I created and performed sock puppet versions of Shakespeare’s works for my youngest siblings. Again, creating and running an outreach theatre camp in Honolulu, Hawaii, I took my distilled versions of Shakespeare’s works and enlarged them to suit a cast of disabled teenagers. Both were joyously free and hilarious successes.
In the wake of such inspiring freedom, Shakespeare’s characters become large and full, present, organically, as they are intended to be. Viewing Shakespeare through a lens of pure joy and possibility, his dramas, his comedies, his sonnets - all text ripens and blooms. Imbuing Shakespeare with such passion brings to life its action, delivering the text on course to Acting, and then, continuing, creating Theatre.
This is the work I am capable and fiercely proud of developing.
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company stands rooted in its history in a way that appeals to me; I find here an unparalleled system of mentoring. By bringing my education, my inspirations, my talents, and my working qualities to the table, I will be met and recognized as a contributor to a whole composed of years and experiences far beyond my own. Additionally, four years of seeing shows (as long as I have lived in this city,) at CSC has endowed upon me enormous respect and awe for such talented and hard-working individuals. The performances are exceptional because the work-ethic is exceptional, a standard to which I honor and deliver.

Classical text itself has a tendency to largesse and expression unfamiliar to modern ages. As a performer, the comprehension is inevitable with the right heart. I LOVE CLASSIC literature because the heart often knows little boundaries; words and deeds are spoken and acted out of necessity. The honesty is unmatched.
With each passing year, Classical work becomes more impactful. Years, age, and time put a buoy between a story and its audience. With Classical work, the buoy results in Style, a hugely effective way to really deliver the poignancy and relativity of stories and works that have remained powerful through the ages.
With all this in mind, it is with true excitement that I submit my candidacy to be considered for both CSC’s Mainstage Guest spots and the Independent Touring Company. As a young woman living in Cincinnati, I strive to max out my greatest potential, searching entirely for ways to enrich and continue my personal growth. Onstage with CSC is a dream for any recent BFA Acting Grad. Touring with CSC, is a dream for this particular one; finding fulfillment and enrichment in the service for others.
I look forward to ongoing decisions being made in regards to the new juncture CSC has grown towards. I bring with me an unparalleled work ethic and an effervescent energy, both, undeniably remarkable qualities to bring into any communal environment.
Thank you, and all my best,

Allyson West

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