Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1215, again

The Ladies and I went to 1215 again
because last time we went
I was tipsy from Sangria
and just basically basking in the awesome of the universe.

We wanted to give it a more "level-headed" pass this time. :D

Needless to say
(as from the photo above,)
1215 on Vine proved up to par
as we shared three wine flights
a cheese plate, a meat plate, bruschetta, and bread with olive oils.

i love this joint.
i did not go to bed till four the night before
and i was missing aaron
so around 8
i downed my third pour
and got the heck out of there.

our Ladies' Nights tend to run long
but when everything in your life is tending to run long
having the authority on one to call it short
is quite the luxury.

By the way,
in terms of alcohol,
the prices are reasonable.
Happy Hour pours are five bucks
and the wine flights were 12 each.

The plates get a bit pricier
but oh well
you're there for the experience, anyway.


  1. I go there for the budino and wine... It's super yum!! <3

  2. oooooh, the budino!! i saw that and wanted it!! Chris was our waiter--how hilarious. is the budino YUMMY?!?!

  3. DELISH. oh yes and I go there for Chris lol.