Thursday, May 17, 2012


our owner
at Taste of Belgium,
is the BEST.

He's the best kind of owner to work for:
one with HEART.

he's the atypical American Success Story:
began making waffles in Findlay Market years ago
was so enthusiastic about them
that they were a HUGE hit 
and now he owns a popular, up and coming, bistro in OTR.


he's got his hands in to everything!
If the food needs to be expo-ed....he expos.
if tables need to be bussed....he busses.
If guests need to be chatted with....he chats.
He's the BEST.

and he never leaves an issue unknown.
so he texts me, 
when i close,
to just check in and make sure everything is a-okay.

the texts above are from us.

i freaked him out and he called immediately.
"you are just kidding, right?" he says in a very flat tone.
Phil, the head chef, of course, is standing in front of me, flabbergasted and laughing.
I tell JF that I am indeed kidding, and that Phil thinks this is hilarious.

JF breaks out into a relieved laugh
cracks a few jokes
and thanks me for my work.

He's quite a swell guy, if i do say so myself. :D

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