Monday, May 28, 2012

Rosehill Inn Bed and Breakfast; Wilmington, North Carolina

one vacation and four plane rides ago
aaron and i took a little wedding visit/vacay
to wilmington, north carolina.

btw--while we're thinking about it--
what's actually the difference between a VACATION, and a MINI-VACATION?
i was going to write "mini vacay" up above
but i decided pretty quickly 
even though it was only three days
it certainly felt like an actual vacation to me.


we took a vacation.
and we stayed in a local bed and breakfast.

now, my friends, 
there's a lot to be said for the brave folk  that find the phone number of a bed and breakfast online and call them up sight unseen to make a reservation to stay for a few days.
especially when said B&B makes a point of not really advertising online (we just don't need it,)
and every other B&B in the area happens to be full for that weekend because
there are at least seven other weddings going on in the area that month
and your boyfriend didn't know to plan enough in advance to secure a room with pals,
(which, actually, more than worked to our advantage as I got to take the reigns in trip planning, 
and we found ourselves together for the first time on our first ever "no strings attached (to the real world) vacation.)

so we found ourselves at Rosehill Bed and Breakfast
a very splendid place indeed.

Large, Victorian, to-be-expected Bed and Breakfast joint
It sprawled out into a parking lot, multiple gardens, and wraparound porch.

We clambered out of the car and eight hours of Harry Potter audio book
onto a welcoming, lovely front steps
and rang the doorbell to announce our arrival.

Manned by a family of three, we were greeted at Rosehill by the estate's resident Son.
He checked us in, but not before giving us maps and orienting us in terms of the town and local attractions.

The place was freaking gorgeous.
Think classically victorian furniture, wall paper, etc.
Freaking amazing.

We were shown to our room, where we promptly collapsed and sunk into a fantastically comfortable bed.

The rest of the weekend went like this: wake up. eat breakfast. go out. site see. do some wedding stuff. sight see. back to hotel. collapse. thank god we had a good B&B. repeat.
(I will have it noted that in Wilmington, North Carolina, all business establishments have a sanitation rating posted. our B&B was the only one with a 100.0 % rating. WAHOO!)

The best, and most lovely, aspect of this B&B by far was the breakfast portion of the joint.

A large, communal table was set every morning 
for the number of guests residing in the inn at any one evening.

As we clambered down the steps at 9, sleepy-eyed, tousle-haired, we were greeting IMMEDIATELY by our choice of juice, water, or coffee, and were quickly given a FANTASTIC heaping plate of breakfast delicacy. 

It was amazing. 
The menu was varied, healthy, and complex. 
Of course, the service was divine (and as it should be 
every time one is dining in any business establishment.)

We guests chatted and conversed, connecting,
 and REALLY setting ourselves up for a sweet day in Wilmington. 

I just freaking loved this breakfast time, and wish, upon all things, that I had had more time to chat with the innkeepers throughout the course of the stay. They were lovely, charming, respectful people, and I am beyond delighted that I found their B&B. 

If we ever return to Wilmington, we will CERTAINLY stay again. 
Well worth the price, and well worth the discount they gave us. 
(discounts are always worth it, obvs.)

Such a fantastic joint.

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